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Rules of Play

Updated May 11, 2017

The following is a list of the official Rules of Play. Players are responsible for regularly checking this webpage to make sure they are aware of the most up to date information. For more information on how to play, etc. please see below.

1. Players may obtain a membership card at any of our box locations. Players fill out the card to receive their permanent GOLD RUSH number and place half of the card in the box. They can also call the club and sign up over the phone. This membership number will be placed in a draw bin located at The Boys & Girls Club. It remains in the bin until such time that the number is retired. Each week one number from the draw bin will be drawn.

2. Players must have played their funds for that week in order for it to be considered in for the draw and for them to be declared a winner.

3. To be in the draw players must legibly print their assigned Gold Rush number on a provided sticker, place the sticker on a toonie and drop it into our Gold Rush box at one of our retail locations by the end of day on Tuesday. Gold Rush boxes will be collected very early on Wednesdays (times may vary due to weather)

4. Box locations may close early or be entirely closed on Tuesdays for reasons out of our control so it is best to play earlier in the week to ensure you are in the draw.

5. Players may* be able to play over the phone (Visa/MC only) or in person at the Club Admin office up until 10:30 am the day of the draw. This is a firm deadline. Please contact the office for more information. (*subject to debit machine availability)

6. In a rare occurrence days/times might change due to a holiday. Players will be notified of these changes in advance by email and the draw date information on the top of the box will indicate the changes.

7. Once collected, draw date information is displayed on the top of the box and it will indicate that you are playing for the next week’s draw. (please check the date if you are unsure)

8. All numbers taken from our box locations for a given week’s draw are mounted on a master set of sticker sheets. Players that have pre-paid will also have their numbers mounted on an additional set of sticker sheets. If the number that was drawn is not found through this process it will be declared a non-winner and the total amount will be forwarded to the next week’s draw.

9. Play only one toonie per number each week. If a player plays more than the weekly amount at any box location, we cannot validate that amount if something happens to damage the box or its contents (for example a fire or theft). If a player chooses to play more than one toonie each week, they assume the risk as we cannot ensure this type of pre-payment until it has been received AND processed at our office. (See # 11 for the official procedure for pre-paying)

10. Print your number legibly and underline it. (they look different upside down) If we are unable to interpret the number it will be recorded as illegible and therefore not eligible for the draw.

11. To pre-pay, please call the Club office at 472-5112 to pay over the phone using your Visa/MC* only or in person at the office using Visa/MC only* or debit*. You can pay for 10 weeks ($20), 6 months ($52) or 1 year ($104). (*subject to debit machine availability) Please note the deadline for playing at the club is 10:30 am on the day of the draw. Firm.

12. When paying electronically a minimum of $10 per Gold Rush number is required.

13. Pre-Paid players must check their pre-pay date on our website regularly to ensure it is the correct date or contact the office to verify. Players are responsible to ensure their pre-pay is up to date and for knowing when it will expire. Players may receive a reminder notice, but this is a courtesy email, not a guaranteed service.

14. The draw will be every Thursday at the Boys & Girls Club. (Weather pending) Winners will be contacted by phone or email.

15. Players must be residents of New Brunswick. If they move outside of the Province of New Brunswick, their Gold Rush Membership will be forfeited at that time. Please contact the Club if your address has changed even within the province, as we need to have your current mailing address on file at all times.

16. Players must be 19 years or older.

17. It is the responsibility of the Gold Rush Member to regularly check the FBGC website for up to date Rules of Play.

18. Picture ID is required for collecting winnings.

19. If you no longer wish to play, please contact or 472-5112 and your number will be removed from registration.

20. If a box is stolen or compromised on a draw week there would be no fair way to confirm if a player had played that week or not. Therefore, we would proceed that week as if it were a non-winner. All other funds collected that week would be carried forward to the next week’s total pot.

21. If a Gold Rush Number has not been played for longer than 52 consecutive weeks, the number will be considered dormant. We will attempt to contact the player and advise them of the status. The player will then have the choice to continue playing or to retire their number. If we are unsuccessful in contacting the player because the contact information is out of date, their number will be retired.

22. Current Staff/Board Members of the Fredericton Boys and Girls Club Inc. (FBGC) and those whom they share a common residence with are not permitted to have a membership number in the Gold Rush Lotto Fundraiser. This rule extends to Volunteers of the FBGC whose volunteer role with the FBGC involves helping with the Gold Rush Fundraiser.