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Raising the Grade

Monthly Activity Calendar:


 About Raising the Grade:

Our program runs Monday-Friday, 5:30-7:30pm.

Raising the Grade is a national program of free academic assistance that aims to provide youth with the skills, tools and opportunities to enable them to excel academically and secure their future success in high school and beyond.

Youth who join the program gain access to:

  • Free homework help, with tutors that can assist with any subject
  • A quiet space to do homework
  • A space to collaborate with friends
  • Access to computers with high speed internet

With designated time and space at our Skyline Acres location specifically for Raising the Grade, youth are able to connect with friends and mentors, explore personal interests, build resumes and gain skills useful to the workforce all in an inclusive, engaging and supportive environment.

We reserve Friday nights for fun activities like baking, board games, and gym nights.

Registration for this program is required but is completely free!


In association with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada – Raising the Grade

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada delivers a multi-faceted education program called Raising the Grade, aimed at increasing academic skills, high school graduation rates and access to post-secondary education for at-risk youth from a select group of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.
The Boys and Girls Club of Fredericton is pleased and proud to be part of Raising the Grade. The program gives youth the tools and opportunities to excel in school and go on to become successful and independent. Young people can explore their personal interests and connect with mentors, tutors and friends while enhancing their digital literacy through this after-school program. Our Raising the Grade technology centre provides a designated space with access to high-speed Internet and up-to-date computers in order to support learning. A positive, collaborative environment helps youth feel comfortable and engaged and is reserved for Raising the Grade participants at specific times during the week. Outside of the program hours, the Raising the Grade technology centre is open to all Club members.


For more information about our Fredericton Program please contact
The Education Manager


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