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Sponsor the Children “Champions of Dreams”

Message from our honorary Chair, Bruce Grandy:

“It is an honor to be asked to Chair this year’s Sponsor the Children fundraising campaign, “Champions of Dreams”, for the Boys & Girls Club of Fredericton. In my time as a City Councillor, I have been exposed to and experienced many challenges facing our youth today. Many children are from single families who struggle to put food on the table and provide the basic necessities, many are faced with bullying and other challenges which affect their self-esteem. Our children are our most precious resource, they are our future and the future leaders of our communities. We need to ensure that every child has the opportunity to live to their full potential. The Boys & Girls Club of Fredericton is there to support them. The many programs they offer including their breakfast program provide our youth with the much needed support so no matter what they are facing, there are people who care and support them. I ask you to help us support our most precious resource and donate generously to ensure we continue with these programs and provide that much needed support.”

Click to see the full letter and printable package or fill out the form below to donate now on-line.  STC Champion of Dreams 2019 Package